Damaged, lost or stolen campus card

If your campus card is damaged, or it has been lost or stolen, you will need to request a new one. Your new campus card is free of charge. 

Uploading a new photo

If you want, you can upload a new photo. If you do not upload a new photo, the photo from your old employee card will be used. Please note that the card you upload a photo for must be a replacement for your current pass that is damaged, lost or stolen. You cannot simply request a new campus card if you only want to replace your photo.

Blocking your campus card

If you have lost your campus card or it has been stolen, you have to block your campus card by sending an email to sa [at] dpo.ru.nl (sa[at]dpo[dot]ru[dot]nl). Once you have blocked your campus card, it will be deactivated from the following workday onwards. If you want to block your pass immediately, for example for access reasons, you can notify the university security service on +31 24 361 90 00.


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