During work

Below you will find all of the information that you will require for the proper supervision of your staff members when they are at work.

Annual appraisal interview

As supervisor, you will conduct an annual appraisal interview with your staff member once a year. This interview will cover such topics as cooperation, mutual performance targets from the past year and the progress that the staff member has made. 

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Assessment interview

The assessment interview is a formal procedure that is only conducted when there are possible legal implications. Examples of such situations include those in which a staff member is set to change jobs, have their contract renewed, or be promoted to a higher salary scale. 

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Changing an employment contract

During a staff member’s career, changes will regularly be made to their employment contract. These changes will require modifications to the staff member’s contract. As supervisor, you will coordinate these changes with your Human Resources (HR) contact. 

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Extra remuneration

If you feel that an employee should receive extra remuneration, discuss the possibilities with your Human Resources (HR) contact. 

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