Approving work facilities

Financial processing and charging

After an employee has requested the facilities needed to set up the home office via the portal, the facilities are submitted digitally to the budget holder for approval. This process takes place in the same way that other resources are ordered through BASS. After the request is approved, it is processed as an order and handled financially.

The financial processing consists of charging the cost of the home office to the primary cost center of the respective employee. Because the orders are processed through the portal, the costs incurred for setting up the home office can be traced at the cost center level.

Additional facilities for the home office

If there are special circumstances, where the standard facilities do not compensate or do not compensate sufficiently, you can call in the PAM-er of your own unit to see if customization is possible and necessary.

Home office facilities for employees living abroad

Employees residing abroad contact their supervisor. This application process is not through BASS. For questions about working from abroad, contact Global Staff Services (always in a timely manner) at globallounge [at]


Contact the HR staff member from your department.

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