Career policy professors

Career development

Faculties can enter into tracks with talented internal or external associate professors as a stepping stone on the road towards full professorship. As part of this track, the employee can qualify for professorship according to the faculty professorial criteria. The Executive Board is tasked with appointing professors in accordance with the procedures described in Appendix 3.

Professorial career development can start as soon as the Executive Board has been notified. When reporting to the Executive Board, the faculty must indicate how it plans to implement the career development process. Following this notification, the Executive Board will approve the internal recruitment process and the career development process can begin. Upon successful completion of the track, the regular appointment procedure can commence.

Senior leadership positions

Leadership and managerial skills are the most important criteria when appointing staff members to senior leadership and management positions. The roles of director of research, director of education and programme director are usually filled by professors (and in exceptional cases by associate professors).


Newly appointed professors are invited to attend a two-day seminar, during which they reflect on the position and strategic context of professorship at Radboud University. Together with fellow professors they will share their practical experiences and development goals and discuss how they can make a meaningful contribution to the university. The seminar will also give them the opportunity to further expand their network of fellow professors within Radboud University and have in-depth discussions with several guest speakers, including members of the Executive Board.