Evaluating secondary activities (information for supervisors)

This step-by-step plan can be used to advise on the approval or rejection of a staff member’s secondary activities in BASS


  1. Advise on the task (the secondary activity).

    As soon as a staff member has registered a secondary activity, the supervisor will receive a message via the BASS worklist. You can open the task by selecting it and opening it. Opening the link will open the input screen where the recommendation can be entered.

  2. In the ‘Supervisor’s recommendation’ section, make the choice to either approve or reject the position

    As supervisor, you will recommend whether the staff member’s secondary position should be approved or rejected. If you recommend that the position be rejected, you will need to provide an explanation for your decision. Otherwise, an explanation is optional.

    The section on further conditions stipulates agreements between the person concerned and the supervisor, under which the secondary position may be held. The terms and conditions will be saved in the digital personnel file of the relevant staff member.

    Please note: The explanation and further conditions fields will be visible to the relevant staff member when he/she receives a message about the approval or rejection.

    Exemption from publication: This block will only be visible and will only be able to be filled in when the person concerned has submitted a request for exemption from publication. As supervisor, you will subsequently recommend whether the exemption from publication should be approved or rejected.

  3. Select ‘Register’

    The recommendation will continue through the process and subsequently be forwarded to ‘Decision’, which will be made by the competent authority.