Personnel files and file management

As supervisor, you are responsible for keeping your staff members’ files up to date and ensuring that the information is promptly submitted to the Human Resources (HR) department; they will then include this information in the digital personnel file.

It is important for both staff members and supervisors that annual appraisal interview reports and appraisal interview reports are documented properly. In the case of a difference of opinion, it helps to see exactly what has been agreed, for instance about changes that have been made to the employment contract. If the issue relates to poor performance on the part of a staff member or a stalemate in a labour conflict, it is important and even legally necessary that a well-substantiated file is available.

A good file will include:

  • The employment contract (and changes thereof)
  • Interview reports about everything that was discussed and agreed with the staff member
  • Written evaluations of performance targets (for the improvement of the staff member’s performance)
  • Reports of annual appraisal interviews and performance appraisal interviews
  • Where applicable: written warnings
  • Where applicable: information on finances/cancelled work activities etc.
  • Other correspondence, such as emails, may also be part of the documentation. Whenever possible, it is always better to record agreements properly and save them in the personnel file.

Personal information storage

Radboud University’s personnel files are digital and each file only contain documents that are known to the staff member in question. As supervisor, you are able to view the file (in addition to the staff member themselves). In order to do this, you will first need to request the file from the HR department.
Staff members’ documents should never be kept for longer than is necessary and you should always know why they are being kept.


Contact the HR staff member from your department.

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