Recruitment, selection, and hiring

This page contains detailed information for supervisors and vacancy holders about the recruitment and selection process.

Step-by-step plan for recruitment and selection

Which steps should you take as a supervisor or vacancy holder when you are searching for a new colleague? This page contains information via a practical step-by-step plan.

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Distribution of a job advertisement

Find out about the platforms on which the job advertisement will customarily be published. You’ll also find tips on how to spread the word about the job advertisement within your own network.

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Job vacancies that are difficult to fill

If you expect that the standard recruitment approach won’t result in enough candidates, you can engage the services of the Additional Recruitment Department. Read more about additional recruitment on this page.

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Selection Procedure Checklist

This checklist contains information about the steps that need to be followed when selecting a new colleague. 

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Hiring procedure

Do you know who the new staff member will be? Click here to find out about which steps you will consequently need to take. 

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Welcome and onboarding

As a supervisor, it’s your job to ensure that a new colleague is warmly welcomed and onboarded. More information about this can be found here. 

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If you have any questions, please contact your HR contact or approach the Recruitment Department:

+ 31 24 361 11 73

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