Appointment procedure top executives

If you want to recruit and appoint top executives*, you have to deal with a different procedure than the regular procedure.

*Executive management positions are understood to include: (vice) deans, professors, secretary of the university, Managing Director of Radboud Services, administrative directors, division directors of Radboud Services and non-academic staff starting from scale 15

Recruitment: practical advice

An appointment advisory committee (BAC) is set up prior to recruitment. Explicit and transparent agreements are made in advance with the Executive Board about the method of recruitment.  You can also choose to outsource recruitment, for instance by engaging an executive recruitment and selection agency. HR can advise on this.

Practical advice for BACs

Procedure to (re)appoint executive management positions

Procedure for (vice) deans
The formal appointments procedure is described in Article 17 of the Radboud University Structure Regulations and Article 11 of the Radboud University Administration and Management Regulations.

Introductory information concerning the procedure for Administrative Directors, Managing Director Radboud Services and Division Directors Radboud Services

Sabbatical, fixed expense allowance and declarations for top management

When appointing top executives, keep in mind that sabbatical, expense allowance and expense claims differ from regular procedures for some positions.