Job vacancies that are difficult to fill

If you expect that the standard recruitment approach is not going to result in enough candidates, you can engage the services of the Additional Recruitment Department. In cases where additional recruitment has been used, two out of three job vacancies were successfully filled.

Recruitment solutions framework

Use this framework to select the recruitment solution that is right for your situation. You can also find out which actions will be required to start the process.

Complementary recruitment in focus

We understand that it can be difficult to picture additional 'ads on social media', 'day in the life of... article', 'ambition story' or a 'campaign page' around a specific vacancy. Therefore, we have displayed a number of flavours and corresponding complementary recruitment campaigns in an overview.

Launching additional recruitment

Start by making a target group analysis. This will focus on the needs of the target group. You can make this analysis together with Recruitment by using one of the formats below. 

On the basis of the information of the target group analysis, a recruitment colleague will advise you on which additional recruitment activities will be most appropriate. Ask your HR advisor to contact the contact person at team Recruitment to start this process and plan a meeting.

Questions before starting the process

Is your experience or estimation that the profile you are looking for is not or insufficiently available in the labour market? Or does what we offer not match the needs of the target group? For example in salary, development or contract form. Then additional recruitment is not or less effective. Does this apply to your vacancy? Discuss it with your HR adviser first.

Additional recruitment versus an external recruitment agency

Sometimes the target group analysis reveals that it would be wise to outsource the additional recruitment to a specialised external recruitment agency. This could be an issue, for example, when it comes to scarce and highly specialised profiles. The information from the target group analysis will help you to get the appropriate agency to start working for you quickly and effectively. Your HR advisor can advise you in choosing an external recruitment agency.

Investing in additional recruitment

We do not charge for the time and energy that we invest in the development of your job advertisement campaign. However, availability is limited and we will exploit it as efficiently as possible. The costs for the additional investments that have been made for the production, use and purchase of media and resources, which have been agreed and approved by the vacancy holder, shall be borne by the relevant faculty or unit.


If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Department: 

+ 31 24 361 11 73

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