Distribution of a job advertisement

Routine posting of the job advertisement

Once the vacancy has been approved by the Recruitment Department, the job advertisement will customarily be posted on the following platforms:

  • Radboud University’s website;
  • Radboud University’s LinkedIn job page;
  • Radboud University’s Twitter account;
  • Academic Transfer. All academic job advertisements will be cross posted from Academic Transfer to the NRC career page free of charge.

Academic job advertisements will also be posted on Euraxess and Academic Positions.

It is also possible to post the job advertisement on sector-specific or international job sites. In this case, you will need to indicate this beforehand in the job advertisement format.

Subsequent distribution via your own network

We recommend that you distribute the job advertisement as widely as possible via your own online and offline networks. The most suitable applicants are often found through our colleagues’ networks. For example, LinkedIn is an effective channel for the online circulation of your job advertisement. Once your job advertisement has been posted online, the Recruitment Department will provide you with a text and image that you can use to promote your vacancy on social media.


If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Department:

+ 31 24 361 11 73