Selection Procedure Checklist

This checklist contains information about the steps that need to be followed during the selection process. 

1. Selecting the candidates 

As the Selection Committee, you will make an initial selection based on the cover letters. The CV assessment matrix can be used for this purpose. 

A candidate may be considered to be an internal candidate if the person:

  • Is a Radboud University staff member (who has an employment contract).
  • Is a former Radboud University staff member, who received WW/BWNU unemployment benefits from Radboud University during the first two years of his/her period of unemployment.
  • Is a former Radboud University staff member who was made redundant due to his/her position being terminated or because of a reduction in the number of interchangeable positions, who received WW/BWNU unemployment benefits from Radboud University during the his/her entire period of unemployment.
  • Is a student employee who worked for the campus employment office during the period that he/she was employed at Radboud University.
  • Is employed as a temporary worker at Radboud University.
  • Has been seconded to Radboud University.

2. Inviting the candidates 

Once the initial selection has been made, the vacancy holder or HR will inform the Recruitment Department about who has been invited, rejected or put on the reserve list; this will be done via a status change in Varbi. This must be done no later than three weeks after the closing date of the vacancy. The invitations will be sent out by the vacancy holder, HR or a management assistant via Varbi. The rejections and reserve emails will be sent out by Recruitment.

3. The interview 

Gender bias and other exclusion mechanisms should be taken into account during the selection interview. Further reading about best practices and the options for preventing gender bias within the Christine Mohrmann programme at Radboud University can be accessed via the given links. 

4. Evaluating the job interviews 

  • The interviews will be evaluated with the Selection Committee. In the case of equal suitability, internal candidates will be given priority over the external candidates.  
  • The vacancy holder will notify about the outcome of the interviews with a status update via Varbi.  
  • Any documents from applicants that have been saved must be deleted within four weeks of completing the application process. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Department: 

+31 24 361 11 73

Contact department