Step-by-step plan for recruitment and selection

If you are looking for a new colleague, this page contains detailed information for supervisors and vacancy holders about the step-by-step plan for recruitment and selection.


  1. 1. Staff and planning

    • As supervisor, you are responsible for planning the entire process, from drawing up the job advertisement through to the ultimate selection. This should generally take about three months, excluding the prospective colleague’s possible notice period of one to three months. You should therefore ensure that you plan the entire recruitment and selection process realistically.
    • Before you can start recruiting, the vacancy must be approved. Check with Human Resources (HR) about how you can request and prepare the financial or staffing capacity. For this purpose, approval will need to be obtained from the financial department and the budget controller from the organisational unit to which you belong. You can provide your HR contact with this information via email or via the update form in BASS.
    • If you expect or believe that the standard recruitment approach is inadequate for filling a specific job vacancy, check to see if Additional Recruitment can help.
  2. 2. Putting together a Selection Committee

    A Selection Committee will need to be put together for the recruitment of the new staff member. For this purpose, the diversity of the committee will need to taken into account. To this end, you will need to consider the committee members’ gender, and age, their current career phase, the amount of time that they have worked at the university, their breadth of knowledge about the field and/or their ethnicity. They will help with the cover letter selection, the applications and also help to decide on the final candidate.

  3. 3. Drawing up the job advertisement

    The candidate’s profile should be incorporated into a job advertisement that is both catchy and clear. Read more information about how to draw up a good job advertisement. Draw up the job advertisement together with your HR-advisor in the recruitment system Varbi.

  4. 4. Publishing and recruitment

    Radboud WerknaarWerk

    Once the vacancy has been approved by the HR advisor, it will be sent to Radboud WerknaarWerk so that they can assess whether the vacancy is suitable for a redeployment candidate. Redeployment candidates will be given priority over other candidates.

    Editing the job advertisement

    If no suitable candidate can be found via Radboud WerknaarWerk, the HR advisor will request the Recruitment Department to publish the vacancy in Varbi. They will edit the job advertisement (within no more than two working days) and, once the advertisement has been approved, it will be published on the Radboud University website as soon as possible. Job advertisements that are to be published in English will first be checked by Radboud in’to Languages. In such cases, it may take a little longer before the job advertisement is published.

    Posting the job advertisement

    Once the job advertisement has been edited, it will be posted online. Find out more about the distribution of the vacancy and how to spread the job advertisement in your network.

  5. 5. Selection

    When it comes to selecting a suitable candidate for a job vacancy, there are a number of steps that need to be followed and certain things that need to be considered. For more information, please see the Selection Procedure Checklist.

  6. 6. When a suitable candidate has been found

    Once a suitable candidate has been found, you communicate this with a status update through Varbi.

    The chosen candidate will be invited to join you in a discussion about the terms of employment. During this discussion, you should not make any promises about such things as the type of contract, the scope of the contract, the job profile, or the pay scale and the corresponding salary, but you should explore the possibilities together.

    You should allow your HR advisor and your own supervisor to advise you about these matters in advance. You will also need to inform your department’s HR officer that a suitable candidate has been found. They will ensure that the administrative process for drafting and approving the contract of employment is initiated.