Welcome and onboarding

Are you expecting a new colleague to join your department or section soon? As a manager, it is crucial for you to ensure that new team members feel at ease and welcomed at Radboud University right from the beginning. To facilitate this, it's essential to create an effective induction program and assign a buddy to assist them. 

Developing the Onboarding Programme

Collaborate with the new team member to devise an onboarding program for their initial weeks. It's vital for the new employee to grasp the organisational structure and become acquainted with key contacts. Use this checklist when formulating the onboarding programme. The page for new employees contains useful information for the first three months. Additionally, new employees will automatically receive an invitation to join the general orientation programme. They can apply via the form on this page. 

Buddy Programme

What does a buddy do? 

Throughout the onboarding period, the buddy serves as a reliable point of contact, helping the new employee navigate the organisation. Having a buddy offers several advantages, as it enables the new employee to:

  • feel a swift sense of belonging and connection to Radboud University.
  • have a dedicated resource for everyday inquiries.
  • seek guidance on matters such as approach to tasks and communication norms within the organisation.
  • ramp up productivity more efficiently.

How do I implement the buddy process?

  • As the manager, identify individuals within the department willing to assume the role of a buddy. Once you have made this assessment, select the most suitable buddy for the new employee.
  • Discuss with the chosen buddy the approximate time commitment required for the buddy role and any potential impact on their own workload. Additionally, identify team members who can share the buddy's responsibilities.
  • Share the explanation document with the assigned buddy.
  • Notify the buddy using the provided example email.
  • Ensure that the entire team is aware of the onboarding plan and the presence of a buddy.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please email HRSC [at] ru.nl.