Checklist onboarding new employees for supervisors

As a supervisor, you have the important task of onboarding and welcoming new employees. This checklist contains recommendations on what to discuss with the new colleague in the first three months of employment.


  1. Before the first working day

    • Assign the new employee a buddy.
    • Schedule introductory meetings for the new employee with relevant departments and colleagues.
    • Coordinate with the buddy and the team to determine each person’s role during the onboarding period. Ensure ongoing communication.
    • Ensure a warm welcome. For example, you could have coffee together or give them a small gift like flowers, a chocolate bar or another token of appreciation.
    • Arrange authorisations for the new employee.
  2. During the first work week

  3. Between the second and fourth work weeks

    • Review BASSselection model, reporting commuting days and days working from home.
    • Review gROW and recommend any useful courses.
  4. Between the first and third month

    • Conduct a probationary period evaluation meeting.
    • Schedule a series of one-on-one meetings with the new employee.
  5. After the third month

    • Ask the employee to complete the onboarding survey – this will be sent to them automatically.