How to write an effective job advertisement

Job advertisement 

When it comes writing job advertisements, Radboud University adheres to a certain set of guidelines. You will write the job advertisement with you HR-advisor in the recruitment system Varbi.

This checklist is also useful for writing a good job advertisement.

Drawing up a candidate profile

You can draw on HR’s expertise for the following information:

  • The job title from the University Job Classification System (UFO) that is to be used;
  • A list of the competences and skills that are required for the job;
  • The scope of the position;
  • The duration of the employment contract, and whether the contract is for a temporary or permanent position (or whether there is a possibility that the position will become a permanent one);
  • The starting date;
  • The salary scale. 

A good job advertisement

Ask yourself the following questions while you are drawing up the job advertisement:

  • What is the content of the position and what tasks and responsibilities does it involve?
  • Why should someone apply for this position at Radboud University instead of a comparable position at another organisation/university?
  • Which minimum and maximum requirements will the ideal candidate need to meet?
  • What makes working in the department or team appealing? How does this position add to this appeal?

Examples of academic job advertisements for which the format and style guide have been used

Please contact the Recruitment Department if none of the given examples can be used to help you draw up your job advertisement.


If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Department:

+ 31 24 361 11 73