Your development

Develop yourself as a supervisor through training courses and much more.

Leadership core programme

As supervisor, you will need to achieve the mission and implement the strategy, pursue a good Human Resources (HR) policy and foster a healthy academic culture. We will use this leadership programme to facilitate you in your subsequent development in your supervisory role. 

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Leadership master class

If you are curious about the link between anthropology and organisational theory, and you would like to know about sustainable leadership, take the ‘Tribes of the Future’ E-Master Class.

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Leadership: E-learning modules

This overview provides a summary of the online leadership training courses given by GoodHabitz.

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Collaboration: E-learning modules

If you would like to learn more about effective collaboration, please see the overview of collaboration e-learning modules.

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Training programmes and courses for scientists

Academic Leadership programme

Radboud University is offering a new leadership programme for all Associate Professors and experienced Assistant Professors who carry out management tasks. This programme focuses on the development of leadership skills within the academic context of Radboud University.

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Supervising PhD candidates

This course will help you to improve your coaching skills so that you can supervise PhD candidates more effectively.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Expertise Centre Development: 

+31 24 361 57 42