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On this page, you will find all the important information you need as a Radboud University employee.

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Code of conduct

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Salary and selection model

On this page, you can read everything about your salary slip, payment dates, salary scales and holiday and end-of-year allowances.

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Vacation and leave

On this page, you can read all about collective holidays, leave requests, holiday hours and leave for special events here.

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Sickness and well-being

On this page, you can read all about illness, disability, a good workplace and staying fit and healthy.

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Costs and reimbursements

On this page, you can read all about claiming expenses, travel allowance and overtime compensation here.

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ICT for employees

Read all about our ICT services, such as wifi, e-mail and calendar, VPN, file sharing and more.

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Campus facilities

Read all about our facilities, such as food and drinks, sports, room reservation, communication and promotion and more. 

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Persoonlijk Leiderschap

Personal development

Realise your ambitions with e-learnings and workshops

Hybride werken

Hybrid working

View the 'hybrid working scheme' or order facilities for your home office

Hulp en ondersteuning

Guidance, advice and complaints

Find our what kind of help and support you can get for your situation


News for staff


Working safely with OneDrive on non-managed Radboud workstations

Using OneDrive on non-managed Radboud workstations is allowed from February 10. You can sync your files from OneDrive to Finder on your Mac device or to the Explorer on your private laptop/computer (Windows).

Foto van een sprinter van Breng

Consequences strikes public transport 6 to 10 February

There will be a strike on Monday, February 6, 2023 to Friday, February 10, 2023 by staff of regional transport operators. Find out what this means for your classes.

You ask, AI writes - Column Han van Krieken

Dealing critically with knowledge and generating new knowledge from there is at the heart of academic education. This takes effort. But without that effort, development stalls. Of course, you can get a good grade for an AI-generated essay or thesis...

Events for staff

Guest lecture student debt

Do you have questions about the 'infamous' interest rate and the current rules for borrowing from DUO? Do you want to know more about dealing with paying off your student debt? What is the impact of long-term borrowing on your mortgage, for example...

NeurotechEU mini-symposium in "Bias in Decision-Making"

We invite you to join the NeurotechEU - iBehave mini-symposium by two leading social psychologists about current research, actual experimental data, and views on ‘implicit bias’ and how biases in groups influence our decision-making. This is NOT a...

Scientific Understanding from AI with Tal Kachman | Late Night Conference with Wilhelm Huck 3X01

Our opening episode features Tal Kachman, an Assistant Professor at Radboud University. Tal’s research covers a broad range of complex problems, like Computational Game Theory, and Financial and Quantum Machine Learning. Sounds… complex. Right? Join...