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Research at SteR

The focus of the Research Centre for State and Law (SteR) is on the foundations of the national legal system and its interaction with the international and European legal order and on understanding the role of public law.

Research programmes

The SteR research is carried out in the programme 'Grondslagen van het Publiekrecht’ (the basis of public law). This umbrella programme is made concrete in four sub-programmes that reinforce and supplement each other. Each of the sub-programmes is led by a partnership of a professor and an associate professor from two different sections.  These programme leaders act as motivators, encouraging mutual collaboration in and outside the sub-programme, organising joint meetings and tackling new themes.

Spreker rechtbank

I. Founding principles and fundamental rights

In the sub-programme 'Supporting principles and fundamental rights', research is carried out into the bases of public law, in particular the meaning of principle of law, fundamental rights and general concepts of public law. Together, these principles, rights and concepts form the judicial core of rule of law. That means that the research programme comprises multiple research themes. Every six years, a research theme is designated and given special attention in that period. For the period 2021–2027, the theme is The resilient rule of law.

Programme leaders: Raymond SchlösselsMichiel van Emmerik and Ronald Tinnevelt. Coordinator: Rowin Jansen.

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Vlaggen parlementsgebouw

II. Interaction between national and international law

Central to this sub-programme is how interaction with the international and European legal orders affects the Dutch legal order. We also look at the role played by, and the significance of sovereignty as the basis for the Dutch legal order. A large part of the research in this sub-programme focuses on the following themes:

  • Strategic litigation
  • Rule of law-based market forces
  • Transnational crimes and international security
  • Effect of human rights

Programme leaders: Masha Fedorova and Jasper Krommendijk.

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Rechter met hamer

III. Conflict-resolving institutions

A large number of SteR researchers and various OO&R (Radboud Business Law Institute) colleagues take part in this sub-programme. This relatively new research group is focusing until 2025 on three challenges to the legal domain of conflict resolution:

  • Competition for the judge, in particular through government conflict resolution and extra-judicial conflict resolution in private law.
  • Duties of the judge: can the judge meet the expectations?
  • The rise of digital technology as 'help or competition' for the judge.

A large part of the research in this sub-programme focuses on the themes of Digitalisation and Duties of the judge and the judge's position in the state structure.

Programme leaders: Hansko Broeksteeg and Marieke Dubelaar. Coordinator: Lize Glas

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Vluchtelingen Oekraïne

IV. Migration and citizenship

The sub-programme 'Migration and citizenship' relates to the study of a thematic section of public law—migration law, in the broadest sense of the term. In addition to the national, community-based and international immigration and asylum law, this sub-programme will also study legal issues that affect the multi-coloured societal problems surrounding the phenomenon of migration and the position of minorities. 'Migration and citizenship' will be carried out by the Centre for Migration Law.

A large part of the research in this sub-programme focuses on the following themes and is clustered as:

  • Externalisation of migration policy
  • Labour migration
  • Trade treaties and migration

Programme leaders: Tesseltje de Lange and Paul Minderhoud.

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Publications and SteR series

SteR has published its own series, called Serie State and Law, since 2010. Parts of the series can be ordered on the website of Wolters Kluwer. View all publications and dissertations in the Radboud Repository.

Guest Researcher Programme

To gain and exchange insights in European, international and foreign national public law, SteR has initiated a Guest Researchers Programme. Are you interested in conducting research at SteR for a while? Please find the conditions and the application form below.  



View the SteR self-evaluation report for the period 2016–2021 and the final report of the review committee.