Guest researchers programme

 SteR strives to maintain its strong position in doctrinal legal research relevant to the Dutch legal order. Because of the globalisation of law, (further) internationalisation of the research within SteR is necessary. By gaining and exchanging insights in European, international and foreign national public law, researchers may better understand how their own system relates to other legal systems and how it is influenced by regional and global legal developments.

We offer: 

  • research stays for a period between one and six months;
  • a stimulating working environment;
  • a work space;
  • access to the University library;
  • photocopying and printing facilities;
  • administrative support through the international office;
  • access to courses as well as teaching opportunities (to be discussed on an individual basis).

We expect:

  • participation in relevant research Centre’s activities;
  • a presentation of the visitor’s research project;
  • a reference to the research Centre in research output generated during the research stay

We host only a limited number of guest researchers: a maximum of two in the same period. The research director has to agree with your stay. To enable the director (and/or the SteR board) to do so, we need a short cv and a research plan for your time at the Centre.

Guest researchers should be self-funded. There are several options for funding:


For more information please contact Jasper Krommendijk, director of the Research Centre for State and Law (SteR). 

+31 24 3616145

Contact Centre for Migration Law

For more information about visiting the Centre for Migration Law, you could also contact the coordinator Karin Zwaan.

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