Student thesis Sietske Dijkstra

Student Sietske Dijkstra
Perspectives on Nature at the Environmental Planning Agency
Sietske Dijkstra
Current role
Student Science in Society

The Environmental Planning Agency (PBL) is the national autonomous research institute tasked with policy analysis for the Netherlands regarding environment, nature and spatial planning.

Participation in policymaking is becoming more and more of a hot topic within the Netherlands, and the PBL wants to contribute to that. They want to hear different perspectives on the topic of policymaking in nature, specifically from initiatives and organisations that are committed to connecting humans and nature.

During my research internship, I will interview employees of the PBL on their views on this project to discover their goals and views on nature. Furthermore, they will organise dialogues with some initiatives.

I will help them with setting up the dialogues, but will also analyse the dialogues to find out more about the perspectives on nature amongst the people working in an initiative. The results may uncover the differences or similarities in perspectives between the PBL and the people working with their policies.

In addition, my internship can help the PBL find out in which ways these dialogues are useful for the PBL, and how they may be optimised for the future.