Agenda for students

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  • A man holding a lecture

    Workshop 'Job wanted' (Dutch)

    In the workshop 'Job wanted' (in Dutch) you will learn how to increase the chance of finding the job you are looking for.

  • BIS lezing onderzoeksspecialist Nicky Driedonks

    BIS lecture Research Specialist Nicky Driedonks

    In this Career-to-inspire Lecture Nicky Driedonks will talk about her job as Research Specialist Molecular Genetics at Nunhems Netherlands BV (BASF).

  • Denkend uit de crisis | Lezing en gesprek door filosoof Jan Bransen

    Thinking Our Way Out of The Crisis

    Dutch lecture and conversation We can arrive at a solution to the climate crisis. We can design our education system substantially differently. An attitude as a debutant can help us emerge from the crisis.

  • 8 scholarships for an intensive German course

    Intensive German Language Course NeurotechEU Students

    We are pleased to announce that for the fourth time we will be awarding 8 scholarships to NeurotechEU-students from our partner universities for the Intensive German language course in March 2024 at the University of Bonn.

  • A man holding a lecture

    Workshop 'Job wanted' (English)

    In the workshop 'Job wanted' (in Dutch) you will learn how to increase the chance of finding the job you are looking for.

  • Groep studenten aan het werk buiten op de campus

    Kick-off meeting SIG Academic (Learning) Communities

    On 7 March 2024, the Special Interest Group Academic (Learning) Communities will be launched. Are you interested and/or do you want to contribute to this initiative? Then sign up for the kick-off meeting.

  • Actualiteitencolleges - Foto Sarah Danz

    Current Affairs Lecture | A Scientific Perspective on the News

    Come to the Current Affairs Lectures. Get inspired by the scientists of Radboud University and construct your own opinion about current affairs.

  • Foto van een bijeenkomst in het Huygensgebouw

    Faculty of Science Meet Up

    Faculty of Science Meet Ups are for staff and students of the Faculty of Science. The goal is to catch up, celebrate achievements, and share special moments from the faculty.

  • Awkward silences, crickets, eyes searching for the exit. A first date is often uncomfortable.

    Awkward Silences and Other Conversational Discomfort

    Awkward silences, crickets, eyes searching for the exit. A first date is often uncomfortable. Why do conversations can be so cringe and awkward? Learn about the hidden system beneath conversations.

  • Knowledge that Matters

    International Women’s Day 2024

    Every year, the interfaculty network Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies and the Radboud Women Professors Network organise International Women's Day at Radboud University.

  • The fourth Women of NeurotechEU event on International Women’s Day

    Women of NeurotechEU on International Women's Day

    Save the date: Women of NeurotechEU 2024, on March 8. We are thrilled to announce the fourth edition of our Women in NeurotechEU event on International Women's Day.

  • Knowledge that Matters

    From mediocrity to tyranny: What is higher education without academic freedom?

    The interfaculty network Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies organises the annual lecture for International Women’s Day. The keynote speaker is dr. Susanne Täuber, expert in the field of social safety and gender equality in higher education.

  • Radboud Universiteit wil in 2020 minstens 30 procent vrouwelijke hoogleraren

    Women in the spotlight: lectures on current issues

    On Friday March 8th, International Women’s Day, the Radboud Network of Women Professors organises the programme in the afternoon. Three women researchers will present their work and.

  • brain awareness week DI

    Brain Awareness Week

    Join on of the activities Donders Institute during the Brain Awareness Week 2024. There is a Radboud Reflects lecture, a Brainhelpdesk market stand, an experiment and workhshop.

  • Kijken met je brein. Allemaal onze eigen werkelijkheid | Lezing en gesprek met neurowetenschapper Floris de Lange en filosoof Nina de Boer

    Seeing with Your Brain. We All Have Our Own Reality

    You think you see with your eyes, but it is not that simple. To perceive something is a complex interplay of brain processes. We do not share the exact same reality. How can that be? And what is this "reality" - does it even exist?

  • Perfectionism

    During the perfectionism training, you will learn what perfectionism means to you, how to maintain its healthy elements and how to deal with its toxic, demanding part.

  • Self-confidence

    During this training you will work on your personal effectiveness. You yourself choose a point of attention on which to focus. The training helps you gain insight into your social functioning and to improve it.

  • Live the way you want to live

    During this training, you think about the direction you want to give to your life and you learn to deal with negative thoughts and emotions.

  • How to Create a Language? | Big Ideas Lecture by conlangers David and Jessie Peterson

    How to Create a Language?

    Waar begin je als je een taal vanaf nul opbouwt? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat een taal echt iets betekent? Kom luisteren naar het wereldberoemde conlangkoppel David en Jessie Peterson, die de fantasietalen van bijvoorbeeld Game of Thrones en Dune maakten.

  • Twee studenten op de groene campus van de Radboud Universiteit

    Master's Open Day

    Join us for the Master's Open Day! Discover our campus and get information on all our Dutch and English-taught (pre-)Master's programmes. For some programmes you can also join the Master's Open Day online.