Are you going abroad during your study programme? Depending on your destination, the duration of your stay and the stage you are at in your study programme, there are a variety of grant options you can use.

If you'd like to know straight away which grant is suitable for your specific situation, use the tool below.

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Most frequently used grants

Here you will find a list of the most frequently occurring grants that you can apply for through Radboud University, taking into account the length of your planned stay and the study phase you're in.

During your studies, length of stay > 8 weeks

During your studies, lenght of stay < 8 weeks

After graduating, lenght of stay > 8 weeks

Other grants

There are naturally also other grants you can apply for externally. They include:

In addition, ambassadors and other government-related bodies regularly offer grant opportunities. If you'd like more information about grants that can be applied for externally, check out the Nuffic Beursopener.

Questions regarding grant application?

We're here to help.

  • Questions regarding a grant for an Erasmus Exchange: erasmus [at] (erasmus[at]ru[dot]nl)
  • Questions regarding a Holland Scholarship or Individual Travel Grant:  studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl)
  • For other questions, please reach out to the international offices at your faculty.