Bus Discount Pass

Unlimited travel by bus in Nijmegen for only €15 per year

The municipality of Nijmegen has made it possible for people with a low income, like international students, to travel cheaply by bus within Nijmegen! If you are an international student, living and registered in Nijmegen, you can apply for a “Busvoordeelabonnement” (Bus Discount Pass).

Students are waiting on the bus near the Elinor Ostrom building.


This one-year subscription costs only €15, and gives you unlimited access to bus services within the municipality of Nijmegen and its surrounding areas (map). The Bus Discount Pass can be used from 9:00 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Eligibility requirements

  • You have to live and be registered in the municipality of Nijmegen.
  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You have a maximum income of €1,560 per month. Your monthly income is based on what you earn in your home country and here in the Netherlands.
  • You need a BSN (citizen service number), which you will receive when you register with the municipality of Nijmegen.
  • You need a DigiD, a Dutch digital identification for government, healthcare and education purposes. Apply for a DigiD.
  • You need a valid email account, as the QR code for the Bus Discount Pass will be sent to your email address.

How to apply

Please make sure to complete the application process before 31 October 2023.

  1. Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart (public transport card). A personal OV-chipkaart costs €7,50 and is valid for five years. This card is used for all forms of public transport throughout the Netherlands and has to be charged with money. Make sure there is some money (e.g., €10) on the card before applying the bus discount subscription, otherwise the subscription will not work.
  2. Apply for the Bus Discount Pass. You can translate the website from Dutch to your preferred language with Google Translate. Complete all steps and you will receive a QR code in your email.
  3. Go to the 'Breng loket' at Nijmegen's central train station (in the station hall diagonally opposite the bookshop). You don't have to make an appointment, but do check the opening hours. Be sure to bring the QR code you received by email, identification (e.g. ID or passport), your personal OV-chipkaart (which must be topped up with some money) and €15 in cash or card. Your Bus Discount Pass subscription will then be uploaded on your personal OV-chipkaart and is valid for 12 months.