Medical services
Medical services

Healthcare and insurance

International students coming to study in the Netherlands have to know how to make sure to stay safe and healthy. Find out more about the Dutch healthcare system, various types of insurance to consider, and how to respond in case of a medical emergency.

Biomedical Sciences

Which type of insurance do I need?

In the Netherlands it is mandatory by law to have healthcare insurance. It is strongly recommended that you have appropriate liability and travel insurance as well. We explain the different types of obligatory and optional insurances for you to consider. 

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Healthcare in the Netherlands

The Dutch medical care system might be different from your system back home. Therefore we advise you to inform yourself about the Dutch healthcare system before arrival in the Netherlands. Here we outline the basics around registering with a general practitioner and dentist, as well as hospital visits.

More about the Dutch healthcare system

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Have you received a letter from CAK?

International students may wrongly receive a letter from CAK, stating that they are not covered under the Dutch healthcare system, and risk a fine of up to €400. Learn how this can be avoided.

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Contact information

For any questions on medical care and health-related services, please refer to the contact details below.

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