Letters from CAK and financial penalty

Students who have arrived in Nijmegen may receive a letter from CAK, which states that you are not covered under Dutch healthcare insurance and you should take out public healthcare insurance. Even those students who have a European Health Insurance Card may receive this letter. Even if you are properly insured you must take action, because CAK has no other way of checking whether you are already properly insured. If you don't react to this letter within three months you risk being fined. If you receive a letter from CAK or CJIB, please take action immediately!

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To avoid being fined you have to fill out a form, print it and send it to the CAK. Therefore, it is important to contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) for an assessment of your insurance position under the Wlz scheme (The Long-term Care Act). They will be able to establish if this situation applies to you. We advise you to act promptly. 

Visit the SVB website

If you have received a letter from the CAK regarding your insurance obligation you need to take action within 3 months or you will receive a fine of approximately €400. Even if you incorrectly received the letter from the CAK.

If you have received a CAK letter and have neglected to take action, you will receive persistent letters from CJIB (the Central Fine Collection Agency). In this case please fill out the Wlz form as outlined above and contact Student Admissions – Visa team (visa [at] io.ru.nl (visa[at]io[dot]ru[dot]nl)) so that we can assist you.

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