Healthcare in the Netherlands

The Dutch medical care system might be different from your system back home. Therefore, we advise you to inform yourself about the Dutch healthcare system before arriving in the Netherlands. Here we outline the basics around registering with a general practitioner and dentist and hospital visits.

General practitioner visits 

If you are in need of medical treatment, you can visit a general practitioner (GP). We strongly advise you to register with a GP as soon as possible after arrival. Please note that you have to find a GP in your postal code area. 

Once you have registered with a GP can you make an appointment in case medical treatment is needed. Internationals are often surprised by how medical treatment is provided in the Netherlands. To avoid confusion or frustration, we outline some common practices and/or issues you might encounter when visiting a GP in the Netherlands. 

Role of the GP in the Netherlands 

The extent of responsibility and treatment of the general practitioner goes further than in many other countries. In the Netherlands, your general practitioner will be your main source of medical care. This means they only give recommendations for treatment from a specialist if they cannot treat the problem themselves.

Prescriptions and appointments 

If you require medicine, the GP will be able to provide the necessary prescription. You can collect the medicine at a local pharmacy (apotheek) with the prescription.

When visiting the general practitioner, you may hear that you will need to wait before any medication is prescribed. When calling for an appointment to see your doctor it is not unusual to be told by the assistant that you should wait several more days to see if your symptoms go away without any treatment. When they do not, only then you will be granted an appointment to see the general practitioner. 

This leaves some internationals with the impression that Dutch general practitioners under-medicate their patients. This is sometimes a point of frustration for internationals when visiting their general practitioner in the Netherlands, however, keep in mind that this is standard practice. 

Local GPs


University Health Centre Heyendael (UCG)

Gerard van Swietenlaan 3 (on campus),
Telephone: +31 24 322 43 40

The University Health Centre is open from 8.00 till 17.00 on all workdays. For emergencies within surgery hours exclusively, please phone their own emergency number: +31 24 360 63 60.

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Huisartsenpraktijk Het Bos

St. Jacobslaan 343, 6533 VD Nijmegen.

Call for an appointment between 8.00-12.30 and 14.00-17.00.
Telephone: +31 24 355 08 10

Emergency telephone number during weekdays: +31 24 356 79 40.

Huisartsenpraktijk Lasage 

If you live in postal code areas 6531-6535 or 6525

St. Jacobslaan 345, 6533 VD Nijmegen.
Telephone: +31 24 355 14 30

Huisartsenpraktijk De Haterse Hoed

For students living in Vossenveld

Couwenbergstraat 34 / 36

Telephone: +31 24 355 22 88 / +31 24 356 12 04
Call between: 8.00 - 12.30 uur and 14.30 - 16.30

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Huisartsenpraktijk Hart van Hatert

For students living in Vossenveld

Locations: Couwenbergstraat 34 & Geeresteinstraat 32

Telephone: +31 24 355 22 88

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Huisartsenpost (after 17.00 and during the weekend)

In case of a medical emergency after working hours (after 5 p.m. and during weekends) you contact the Huisartsenpost, which can be reached at 0900-8880. For on-campus medical emergencies, please call +31 24 365 55 55 (please, save this number on your mobile phone!). In case of acute circumstances, you can visit the First Aid Department of a hospital. In case of a life-threatening situation always call 112. 

De Huisartsenpost can also be consulted digitally before visiting them via the Digi Hap

The Digi-HAP  (currently,  only available during opening hours) is a digital consultation/questionnaire that queries your medical symptoms and estimates the urgency of those symptoms. You will be asked anonymous questions about your complaint in order to assess its severity and urgency. In cases of urgency or necessity, you will be advised to contact the urgent care centre (Huisartsenpost) or your general practitioner or is it possible to make an appointment at the urgent care centre.  
Opening hours of Digi-HAP:   Monday – Friday: 17.00 – 22.30 , on weekends and national holidays: 06.45 – 22.30

The Digi-HAP can still be used outside these hours to assess the urgency of your complaint. However, it is not possible to digitally schedule a physical consultation*. 
You can login with or without Digi-D

•    When you login with Digi-D, it is possible to digitally schedule a physical appointment with urgent care centre (huisartsenpost), when necessary
•    When you login without Digi-D, it is only possible to schedule a physical appointment with the urgent care centre (huisartsenpost) by phone, when necessary.


Hospital visits in case of a real emergency

If you are not feeling well or have complaints, you must first go and see your general practitioner (GP), as explained above. Only in case of acute circumstances, can you visit the First Aid Department of a hospital (EHBO / Eerste hulp). In case there are no acute circumstances, but you decide to visit the First Aid Department of a hospital in stead of the GP or huisartsenpost, a high treatment fee may apply. 

Dentist visits 

The quality of dental care in the Netherlands is of a high standard. Do note that dental treatment is not always covered by your medical insurance, so make sure to inquire about the coverage of your treatment with your dentist or insurance provider. 

If you are looking for a dentist, we recommend Tandartspraktijk E. Maenen or the department of Dentistry at Radboudumc. 

Becoming a dentistry patient at the Radboudumc

Please call the Radboudumc department of Dentistry for more information, or to make an appointment.

Telephone: +31 24 361 41 26.
Address: Philips van Leydenlaan 25.

First, you will get an appointment for an intake. After the intake, you will be notified whether you are eligible for registration. The costs for regular treatment will be approximately 25% less than the regular rate for dental treatment. Technical extra costs are at the usual rate.

Dental emergencies

In case of a real dental emergency after office hours, you can make an appointment at De Tandartsenpost Nijmegen. You can only go there if you have made an appointment.

Telephone: 0900-8276 456 (messages on this line are in Dutch).

The location of the Tandartsenpost is at the emergency square of the hospital called Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (CWZ).

Address: Weg door Jonkerbos 106, 6532 SZ Nijmegen