Prepare your stay

We look forward to welcoming you to Radboud University! Use this checklist to prepare your stay in Nijmegen and to make sure you don't miss a thing.


  1. 1. Check if you need a visa or residence permit

    Depending on your nationality and the length of your stay, you may need an entry visa and/or a residence permit to be able to study in the Netherlands. Find out if you need a visa and/or a residence permit and how the application process works.

    Visa and residence permit

  2. 2. Arrange housing

    Check whether you are able to get housing assistance and find other relevant information about housing in Nijmegen and its surroundings.

    Housing for international students

  3. 3. Make sure you have the right insurance

    Find out more about the Dutch healthcare system, various types of insurance to consider, and how to respond in case of a medical emergency.

    Medical services

  4. 4. Register for the Radboud Intro

    Get to know both Nijmegen and Radboud University, but also make friends from all around the world. Invitations for the international orientation week will be sent out in July. Make sure to follow Radboud International Students on Instagram or Facebook to keep up-to-date about the orientation week and other social activities.

    Radboud Intro programme

  5. 5. Reserve your Student Mobility Package

    Public transport and cycling are the most important forms of transport for students in the Netherlands. You can reserve a Student Mobility Card and/or rental bike before your arrival.

    Student Mobility Package

  6. 6. Pack the essentials

    • Get a credit card and activate it for the Netherlands.
    • Bring some cash money. Please note that many places in the Netherlands are cashless (including our campus). Still, it's good to have some cash with you in case you run into unexpected problems with your debit or credit card upon arrival.
    • Pack for all kinds of weather, since we sometimes have more seasons in one day.

    Once you're fully packed, check out the Welcome to Nijmegen booklet.

    Welcome to Nijmegen January 2024

    Are you already excited to start your new life in Nijmegen? Want to learn more about your new home town? In this booklet you can find a short summary and some tips and tricks on how to make life in Nijmegen as fun as it can be!

Ready to take off? Let's get you to Nijmegen. 

Arrival and registration