Visa arrangements after your studies

After you completed your studies in the Netherlands, you must leave the Netherlands or apply for an Orientation/Search year. Both options have implications for what to do with your visa.

Leaving the Netherlands

When leaving the Netherlands after your graduation you have to deregister at the municipality you live in. If you hold a residence permit for study with Radboud University as your referent, Student Admissions will notify the IND of your departure. You are obliged to return your residence permit. Please make an appointment at one of the front offices of the IND or send the residence permit to:

IND Bureau Documenten
Postbus 49
9560 AA Ter Apel
The Netherlands

Kindly make the document invalid before mailing it. You can do this by making a cut in the document or perforate it. Please do not cut the document in half.

Please note: Before you return your residence document, please be advised to make a copy of both the front as well as the back of the card for possible future reference.

More information about leaving the Netherlands

Orientation / Search year

With an orientation year permit you can look for work in the Netherlands after you graduate. You must apply for this visa yourself. Here you can find more information about your possibilities to keep studying in the Netherlands after graduation, or find out the possibilities to work in the Netherlands after graduation.

Apply for a orientation year permit

Contact information

Student Admissions can assist you in the application process and help you with practical issues concerning your stay. If you have any questions concerning visa or the return of your residence permit, please contact the visa team of Student Admissions.

+31 24 361 23 45