Expenses related to your visa application

During your visa application, you need to pay an immigration fee and insurance fee, and in some cases you need to take a paid tuberculosis test. Furthermore, as part of the visa application, you need to prove your financial means for living expenses and tuition fee (exchange students do not pay a tuition fee).

Immigration fee (IND fee)

Student Admissions does not charge you for the assistance in applying for your visa. However, the IND does charge a processing fee. The application for the residence permit will cost 228 euros*. This is called the immigration fee. You will pay this immigration fee to Student Admissions and we will then transfer it to the IND (the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service).

Please note: Once we have sent your application to the IND it is not possible to receive a refund if you decide to cancel your application.

Some scholarships and grants cover the immigration fee. Also citizens from Israel and San Marino do not have to pay the immigration fee due to a special agreement between the governments. If one of these situations is the case for you, you will not have to pay the immigration fee yourself.

Insurance fee

With the visa application Radboud University will become your referent and is therefore obliged to make sure you are sufficiently insured. Therefore it is mandatory to have the Aon Complete+ insurance when you will get a visa through Radboud University. The insurance fee costs 58 euros* a month. During your visa application, you will pay this amount multiplied by the number of months you expect to study in the Netherlands (with a maximum of twelve months). Student Admissions will take care of your insurance for one year. It is possible to extend this insurance for students that will study for more than one year. More info can be found here

Tuberculosis test (TB test)

Should you need to take a TB test on arrival, you will be informed during the visa application process. During the process you will need to sign a form and pay a fee of 55 euros*. This fee will be part of the visa application process and will be requested at the same time as the IND and insurance fee. 

Financial means

To study in the Netherlands with a Dutch residence permit you have to prove enough financial means. Financial means consist of tuition fee and living expenses. For each month of residence in the Netherlands, you will need at least 1220 euros* for living expenses. Therefore, your required living expenses depend on the length of your stay in the Netherlands. The table below shows the amount of financial means you need to prove on behalf of the INDDuring the visa application process you will be informed about the tuition fee amount.

As financial statements may not be older than three months at the time of filing the visa application with the IND, Student Admissions advises you not to start collecting these documents in a too early stage. More detailed information will be sent to you by email after Student Admissions has started your visa process in Osiris.



Total amount needed for living expenses*

Exchange student

Fall semester
(1 September - 31 January)
€ 6,100
 Spring semester
(1 February - 15 July)
€ 6,710
 Full academic year
(1 September - 15 July)
€ 12,810


Full academic year
(1 September - 31 August)
€ 14,640


Full academic year
(1 September - 31 August)
€ 14,640

* Subject to change

Contact information

Student Admissions can assist you in the application process. If you have any questions concerning your visa application, please contact the visa team of Student Admissions.

+312 43 61 23 45