Apply for help with housing

After making sure you are eligible for housing assistance from Radboud University, follow these 3 steps.  

Please note that Radboud University can only mediate housing for first year Master's and exchange students. 
Bachelor's students and (Pre) Master's students can join the SSH& lottery 


  1. Step 1: Submit your PAS Form

    You can indicate if you want to make use of the accommodation assistance in a Pre-arrival Services (PAS) Form. This form is integrated into your online application to Radboud University and will be activated after admission. You will receive an automated email with a link to the PAS Form.

    Deadline for the PAS Form submission: 1 June (1st semester) and 1 December (2nd semester)

     Application and admission

  2. Step 2: Receive an email from Radboud University

    If we find suitable accommodation for you, we will contact you by email. In general, housing offers will be made 1-2 months before the semester starts

    Don't forget to check the mailbox you used for the online application for a room offer (including a spam folder), so you don't miss out.

  3. Step 3: Confirm an offer

    Depending on the type of room offer, use your (book-your-room) voucher or send your confirmation email within 4 days.

Keep in mind:

  1. First-year international Master's and exchange students of Radboud University can request assistance in finding furnished accommodation when they live abroad. 
  2. We can only offer housing to exchange and Master’s students when they first arrive. Bachelor's students and (Pre) Master's students can join the SSH& lottery after they have received their acceptance letter. 
  3. Being eligible for housing assistance does not mean that you will automatically receive a room offer, as student housing mediated by Radboud University is limited.
  4. That Radboud University cannot give any guarantees to students coming with partner and/or family. But please indicate it on the PAS form.  Please keep in mind that if students indicate that they will come with partner or family will no longer get a room offer for one single person.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the rooms that we mediate.
  6. Housing offered by Radboud University is for the whole study period, as indicated at the first registration. Then, you will have to find alternative accommodation yourself. 
  7. Housing contracts have a fixed periodThere is no extension possible after the end date of your housing contract. This also applies to exchange students who want to extend their stay after 6 months.
  8.  You get only one housing offer. If you do not accept our housing offer or do not react to our email in time, we will not be able to make you another offer.
  9. You can't change a room after it has been booked.
  10. SSH& accommodation is not available for students who are 30 years or older.

Do you have questions about the procedure for applying for housing assistance? Please, contact housing [at]

For more detailed information and about your responsibilities: