Radboud Intro for Bachelor's students

Radboud Intro is an orientation period for all new Bachelor’s students at Radboud University. For international exchange and (pre-)Master's students, there is a separate programme.

Not compulsory, but not to be missed

Radboud Intro will give you the chance to discover Nijmegen, and find out about the university, the campus and student life. Participating in the orientation week will not only provide you with practical information (such as where your lecture hall is located and which pubs are best), but it will also allow you to get to know your fellow students. The orientation week is not an initiation: anything goes and there’s no obligation. If there’s an activity in which you are unable or unwilling to participate, simply tell your mentor that you won’t be taking part.

Introductiemarkt introductie 2021

Mentor groups

You’ll spend the majority of Radboud Intro with about fifteen students from your own study programme, plus two or three senior students, who will be your mentors. These mentors have undergone an extensive training programme and will be there to help you if you have any questions or problems. The members of each mentor group will be selected by your study programme. This process will vary for each programme; the members of each group may be announced before the Radboud Intro, but they may also be announced on the first day of the orientation week.

Your mentor will be there to answer your questions during and after the Orientation.  However, if you as an international have more personal issues or practical questions regarding settling in the Netherlands which your mentor cannot help you with, you can always ask team Social Work for advice, via socialwork-studentsupport [at] ru.nl (socialwork-studentsupport[at]ru[dot]nl).



Our study information team can answer all your questions about the orientation and the start of your studies via Whatsapp. You can also call or send an email:

+31 24 361 23 45