Finding accommodation in Nijmegen

Finding accommodation in Nijmegen can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we have listed some tips and resources to help you find a room.

International students housing check

International exchange and Master's students are eligible for housing assistance via Radboud University. Check if you are eligible and find out what your options are.

General tips in finding housing

  • Start searching as early as possible. Optimally, half a year in advance. 
  • Please note that for some housing agents (e.g. SSH&) it is mandatory to send in the official Radboud proof of study to apply for a room. Therefore, students need to apply for a study programme at Radboud University before the application deadline.
  • Do not limit your search to Nijmegen itself, but also look in the surrounding area.
  • If you are already in the Netherlands while searching for your room, you can also: Hang up notes at the supermarket, place advertisements in the local paper, and spread the word via your own social network. And sometimes the study association can help during Orientation Week.


And be careful!

  1. Never pay a 'mediation fee'. This is illegal in The Netherlands.
  2. Don't accept offers that are simply too good to be true.
  3. Be careful with landlords that ask you to send a copy of your ID.
  4. Avoid transferring large amounts of rent before having seen the room yourself. Although, in the Netherlands, it is common to transfer one month’s rent and a deposit in advance. This usually happens after you sign a rental contract.
  5. In recent years, lots of scammers have been active on non-commercial platforms like Facebook groups.
  6. If you cannot see the room before you arrive, make sure to make an appointment for a video call with the landlord and plan an online tour. Also, make sure you can clearly see the person you are dealing with.
  7. For international students: if you have not been able to find a room before 1 August, we urge you not to travel to Nijmegen, as it will probably no longer be possible to find a room.

How can I find accommodation?

Many students find accommodation through their social network. There are also other popular options for finding accommodation, such as:

  1. Student Housing Association, SSH& (for degree-seeking students only)
  2. Hospi Housing: stay with a host or guest family
  3. Guesthouse Nijmegen (for internationals only)
  4. Social media like Facebook
  5. Commercial agencies
  6. Social housing
  7. Other platforms

1. SSH& (Student Housing Organization)

Many students find accommodation in Nijmegen through the Student Housing Association (SSH&)SSH& uses a lottery system, which gives you the chance of finding accommodation every week.

Registration for accommodation seekers is free; you will only need to pay after you have found accommodation.

You can register with SSH& if you:

  • Are a degree-seeking student (not an exchange student).
  • Please note that the SSH& needs a valid proof of study to apply for a room. Therefore, you need to apply for a study programme at Radboud University before the application deadline.
  • Are under the age of 30.

Please note: You will be given priority for accommodation if your total travel time from your home address to Nijmegen Central Station exceeds two hours.

Ask Simon provides more information per apartment complex.

2. Hospi Housing: stay with a host or guest family

Hospi Housing provides international students with a soft landing in the Netherlands and is the perfect way to get in touch with Dutch culture and language. You’ll have your own private room and shared facilities like a kitchen and bathroom. Hospi Housing has a big network of verified hosts and guest families. 

3. Guesthouse Nijmegen

Guesthouse Nijmegen specializes in renting out rooms to international students. 

4. Social media like Facebook

In the Netherlands, it is common to have an interview (hospiteren / kijkavond) and meet the other tenants when a room becomes available.  Often this "room ad" will be published by your future housemate in a Facebook group or on a website. 

Dutch Facebook groups (access is free of charge):

Commercial website (commission fee is necessary):


5. Commercial agencies

You can also register with a commercial accommodation agency. But be careful, because the agency fees are usually quite high and the price of the accommodation on offer is often higher than average.

We have good experiences with Wibeco B.V.Kamer Beheer Service (KBS)Numega Vastgoed.

Other real estate agencies that offer houses/apartments for rent: SOOF AanhuurmakelaarHestiaFIXvastgoedStrijbosch ThunnissenRotsvast GroepDirect Wonen Nijmegen.

DolFijnWonenExecutive Home Rentals also offer furnished apartments.

6. Social housing

You can register with Entree if you:

  • Are aged 18 or older
  • Have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit

Other platforms

  • HousingAnywhere. A student-to-student housing platform where the demand & supply of short-term accommodation meets.
  • Marktplaats. Offers different kinds of things for sale or rent. Choose "woningen – huur" and search in Nijmegen (e.g., postal code 6511)
  • Pararius. A website that allows you to search through a large number of rental properties.
  • Wimdu. A search engine for privately owned rooms.
  • Guesthouse Vertoef. Long-stay hotel. Studios are suitable for temporary living when you are 'in between houses'.

I found accommodation! What's next?

Put your new address in Osiris

Questions about a contract, a room price and other

  1. General questions or problems? Huurteams Nijmegen 
  2. Questions about the rent you have to pay? Huurcommissie (Rent Tribunal)
  3. What to consider exactly before you move in? De Consumentenbond (Consumer Association)
  4. Feel discriminated against because of your nationality? Vizier Oost
  5. Interested in whether you can apply for housing benefits? Huurtoeslag Rent Allowance