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A new environment for STIP and Study Guide Information

In order to study successfully, students need a lot of information. Currently, this information can be found on faculty STIP pages or in cohort-specific Study Guides in the old website environment, called Iprox. As Iprox is being phased out, the STIP and Study Guide Project is going to work on migrating this information to a new environment.

Where will the STIP and Study Guide information go?

In agreement with all relevant stakeholders, it has been decided that non-cohort-specific information will move to the new website environment (Drupal), accessible from one central location: All cohort-specific information from the Study Guides will move to Osiris.

What does this mean for students?

The aim of this project is to provide customer-friendly and future-proof information for students. In the new situation, information is offered to all students in the same way and no longer differs per faculty. In terms of content, however, there will still be room for faculty differences.

Information that is relevant to all students at the university will appear on, and information that applies specifically to a programme (year layer) - so-called cohort-specific information - will move to Osiris. This improves the accessibility and findability of information.

The restructuring of online information does not affect the physical faculty STIP desks. These will continue to exist.

What does this mean for employees?

The restructuring of information also requires a different way of managing information. Employees affected will be informed about, via their management.

Approach with task forces

Migrating both the non-cohort-specific information to Drupal and the cohort-specific study guide information to Osiris is a time-consuming process. To make this as efficient as possible, two task forces were set up in addition to the project team. One task force for Drupal, and one for Osiris. These work on the migration process in parallel. These teams mainly include staff from (faculty) communication departments and Osiris Key-Users. Besides this group, colleagues from different departments will also be called upon to ensure that information is transferred on time and in full.

Want to know more about the project, or keep up to date with developments within this project? Then check out the project page.

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