Batavierenrace 2022

On Friday and Saturday last week, over 8000 runners competed in the world’s biggest relay race. After running from Nijmegen to the University of Twente, the evening ended with the biggest student party in BeNeLux. We have collected the best throwbacks and information for you.


The Batavierenrace turned 50 years old this year but it did not always end in Twente. On our Instagram, you'll find a timeline about 50 years of the Batavierenrace: Look at the slider.

Bata on Vox

How did the Batavierenrace become this big? And how does the organisation want it to stay that way for the coming fifty years? Vox took a look at the past and the future together with a member of the Batavierenrace organising team. Read the article here.

Batavierenrace 2022