twee handen die naar elkaar toe bewegen
twee handen die naar elkaar toe bewegen

Become a buddy for women with refugee backgrounds

Radboud Welcomes Newcomers has recently launched a new project aimed at supporting women with refugee backgrounds. This initiative focuses on identifying and addressing the barriers these women face in accessing higher education or entering the job market in the Netherlands. Over a period of five months, participants will attend Dutch and English classes, various trainings, workshops, and contribute to ongoing research.

Become a buddy

To assist these women in smoothly transitioning into university life and Dutch society, we are seeking compassionate individuals to volunteer as buddies. As a buddy, you'll play a pivotal role in making these students feel welcome and supported. You'll serve as a dependable point of contact for any assistance they may need and actively participate in social activities organized by the project.

We kindly request buddies to meet with their assigned students at least once every two weeks, providing guidance on practical matters such as navigating campus, language practice, and other areas of interest. As coordinators, we are committed to fostering strong bonds between buddies and students through enjoyable social events.

Reach out

By joining as a buddy, you'll become part of a project with significant social impact, offering invaluable experiences and the chance to form meaningful connections. Interested in making a difference? Please reach out to us at radboudwelcomesnewcomers [at] (radboudwelcomesnewcomers[at]ru[dot]nl), introducing yourself and sharing your motivation to become a buddy.

Contact information

Do you want to become a buddy, or do you have additional questions? Please contact radboudwelcomesnewcomers [at]