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First results National Student Survey 2023 announced

The first results of the National Student Survey (NSE) were announced on Wednesday 31 May. The NSE is an annual national survey of all students in higher education. Over 8,000 Radboud University students completed the NSE this year. To all students: thank you very much for your input! Thanks to your generous cooperation, together we can improve our education and facilities even further.

First results: what goes well and what could be better?

Students at Radboud University, as in previous years, are mostly (very) satisfied with different aspects of their programme and often more satisfied than the average of Dutch universities.

What else stands out?

As Radboud University, we have distinguished ourselves for years on the themes of lecturers and study guidance. The programme content is also rated (very) positively. Radboud University students largely experience a safe climate at the university and increasingly feel that the university pays attention to equal treatment. Students give the average report mark of 8.14 for social safety at the university.

The two main Radboud-wide focal points according to students:

Study load

In particular, the spread of the study load over the academic year and the extent to which the study credits (EC) match have not been rated positively for a number of years, and the rating on these questions dropped a little further this year.

Connection to the workplace/professional careers

On average, students have not been very satisfied with this either for years, especially at the alpha and gamma faculties. However, Radboud students are still more positive about this than the national average.

Where can the results be found?

This fact sheet from Studiekeuze123 presents the first results of the NSE 2023 for Radboud University. It contains the results of the general themes submitted to all universities. Radboud University's 2023 results are compared with those of 2022 and with the national average of universities in 2023.

After the summer, the results will become available in more extensive form, such as per faculty and programme and also of the so-called flexible shell themes of which each university could choose some to submit to its own students. The results can then be accessed via this interactive dashboard, among others. Off course, we will then also communicate this extensively.

What happens to the results?

The results from the NSE are used by Radboud University and individual study programmes to further improve the quality of education and facilities of the study programmes and university. Each programme will study the results and review them with students, to see where extra attention and action is needed. In addition, the national results are used for study advice on studychoice123.nl and the student ratings also serve as a source for Elsevier Best Studies and the Keuzegids.

Prize winners

Student associations at Radboud University could take part in a 'competition among student associations'. The participating associations with a response rate above 35% have now (almost all) received the cakes.

As a thank you, we are raffling off some nice extra prizes among the students who completed the NSE. The prize winners will be notified next week via their student e-mail address. So keep a close eye on your e-mail.

Download the factsheet