Twee studenten buiten op de campus
Twee studenten buiten op de campus

Getting started as an international

New in the Netherlands, Nijmegen and Radboud University? We’ve compiled some information especially for you. There are also extra (online) information sessions and facilities on campus to help you out.

Read all about it

In our Information Guide for International Students, you find all kinds of practical information about our university and living in the Netherlands to make your transition easier. In the Go Dutch booklet, you find useful Dutch phrases and the best hotspots in Nijmegen to make the most of your time in our awesome city.

Information sessions

There will be extra information sessions on specific subjects. All students who have questions about these subjects, are welcome to join.

  • 6 September: AON insurance, for this online webinar you have to sign up via this link.  
  • 8 September: Visa question hour, starts 12:30 online via this link


IND and GGD on campus

On 7 September, the IND and GGD will be present on campus. Students can pick up their residence permit and get tested for tuberculosis if applicable. More info will be sent to the non-EEA students personally.

On 21 September, the IND will be present on campus. Students who have been to Den Bosch to register their biometrics in time, can pick up their residence permit. More info will be sent to these non-EEA students personally.

Get in touch!

Want to have the latest information? Follow @radboudinternationalstudents on Instagram for useful updates, fun facts, and handy tips of what’s happening in Nijmegen – specifically for you as an international student. Also, don’t forget to follow @radboud_uni for more awesome stuff!

Warning: be aware of phone scams

We were informed by police that many young people with an international background are being digitally scammed. They receive a call from “a government agency” and are told that they are on an international arrest warrant list, or that they have to pay a big fine. The “employee” on the line often has a lot of personal information such as a social security number (BSN) and therefore sounds credible. This “employee” wants to help you to get you off this list. For this, they ask to install software for example TeamViewer or Anydesk. With this software, the scammer can look at the bank details and transfer money to another account without any notice. This is a scam, no government agency will contact you by phone.

What to do in this situation?

Hang up immediately. Even when in doubt. Sometimes scammers will give you a phone number, but this is fake as well. Always look up the correct number yourself and wait until you get someone on the line with whom you can verify the call. Please inform your family, friends and acquaintances about this scam and warn them.

Have you experienced this? You are not alone. Call your bank immediately and report it to the police. Call 0900 8844 for an appointment or visit for more information. Did cyber criminals successfully rob your bank account? Always report the crime: