Studenten samen aan het werk op een laptop.
Studenten samen aan het werk op een laptop.

Have you taken care of your re-enrolment yet?

Are you continuing your studies in the coming academic year? For example the second year of your Bachelor’s programme or Master’s programme? Then you need to re-enrol for your study programme. For the academic year 2024–2025, this is possible from 12 June 2024. Preferably arrange your re-enrolment before 15 August, but no later than 31 August.

To re-enrol for your study programme, please follow the next steps: 

  1. Go to Studielink. Go to Studielink and log in to your Studielink account
  2. Click on ‘arrange your re-enrolment'. After logging in, you will see the map of your study programme on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Here you will see a blue button with 're-enrol'. Click this button. Select 'Yes, I want to re-enrol’. Depending on the study programme, you may be able to change the type of programme (full-time/part-time/dual). Click on the check mark 'I confirm my choice’, answer any questions about the institution, and click on confirm again.
  3. Follow the progress. After your confirmation, your request will be sent and processed. You will be able to follow the progress of your re-enrolment request on the Studielink dashboard via 'Messages' and 'Programmes'. Please note that your BSA, if applicable, should also be entered by your study programme, in order to be able to re-enrol.
  4. Pay your tuition fees. You will receive a message about the amount of your tuition fees. This may take some time. Confirm your digital authorisation.
  5. Check your re-enrolment. Check your status in Studielink. Does it say 'enrolled'? Then your re-enrolment is complete.



Did you pass your final Bachelor exams in July or August and will you start a Master's programme in September? Then you have to re-enrol for the bachelor and enrol for your master. That way, if your bachelor's exam date has not yet been processed on 1 September, you are assured of an active enrolment. Once your bachelor's exam date has been processed, the master enrolment will be completed retroactively and the bachelor enrolment will be deleted.


You do not have to re-enrol if you graduate in July or August. However, you can indicate in Studielink that you do not wish to re-enrol, in which case you will no longer receive reminders.

Planning to graduate?

If you only have a few months left to study (starting in September) in the coming academic year, because you plan to graduate? Then you should need to re-enrol for the entire academic year. Do this before 31 August. When you graduate, follow the steps for graduation.

Enrolment during the current academic year

Would you like to enrol in a later month (other than September) in the current academic year? Then submit a new enrolment request in Studielink before the 20th of the previous month. Follow the steps for enrolment in the current academic year.

Switch to another study programme

Do you want to enrol for another study programme? Check whether you meet the admission requirements and follow the steps for enrolment

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