Students sitting in the grass in Summer
Students sitting in the grass in Summer

Healthy Student Life: Your wellbeing? Let yourself be heard!

In May, all Radboud students have been invited (again) via their student mailbox to participate in the Healthy Student Life study.

Your wellbeing? Let yourself be heard!

This research project by Radboud University focuses on the wellbeing of you and your fellow students. The online survey addresses topics such as stress, performance pressure, happiness, resilience, lifestyle and your future. All student can (again) share their personal experiences. This gives you the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of student well-being at our university & scientific research.

Free cup of coffee & win great prizes

As a thank you gift for your input, after completing the questionnaire you will receive a digital voucher for a free cup of coffee (or tea/hot chocolate) at the SPAR University on campus! In addition, by participating, you automatically have a chance of winning great prizes. Among the participants, we will raffle off:

  • 10x a gift card of €100
  • 10x a one month subscription to Radboud Sport & Culture
  • 100x a gift card of €10

You can find the mail with the link to the survey in your student mailbox. 

Contact information

Any questions? Feel free to send us an email.

healthystudentlife [at]