NSE 2023 EN
NSE 2023 EN

Let us know what you think about your study programme in the 2023 National Student Survey

This year, we are once again asking you to share your opinions about various aspects of your study programme in the National Student Survey (NSE)!

How can I participate?

It’s easy: just click the link in the email you receive in your Radboud inbox on Monday 16 January. Alternatively, you can go to www.nse.nl, fill in your student e-mail address, and get immediate access to the survey.

Students who participate can win great prizes:

  • 1 x Apple MacBook Air (worth €1.519,-)
  • 4 x Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (worth €380,-)  
  • 3 x Logitech Master Series mouse and keyboard (worth €218,-)
  • 400 x Bol.com voucher (each worth €25)

Additional prizes for Radboud students only:

  • 4 x Bol.com voucher (each worth €75)
  • 50 x Cookie, muffin or something else to be picked up in De Refter

What is the National Student Survey?

The National Student Survey is a large-scale national student satisfaction survey. Every year, students in Dutch higher education are invited to share their opinions about their study programme and university of applied sciences or research university. Visit www.nse.nl for more information.

Why is it important that I fill in the National Student Survey?

Your opinion is important to your study programme and Radboud University because it helps us improve the quality of our education and facilities for current and future students. 

How are the results of the National Student Survey used?

Radboud University uses the National Student Survey results to improve the quality of the study programme’s and university’s teaching and facilities. In addition, the national results are used to offer study choice guidance at studiekeuze123.nl and student assessments are a data source for the Elsevier Best Studies ranking and the Keuzegids.

Where can I find last year’s results of the 2022 National Student Survey?

This news item contains a summary of last year’s results. You can also find all the results, including the results for each faculty and study programme as well as the results compared to other universities, in this interactive dashboard.

On behalf of your study programme and the university, we thank you for participating.

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