podcast illustratie dag uit het leven van
podcast illustratie dag uit het leven van

New podcast: “Het Leven uit een Dag”

What does a day of your life look like if you have a mental or physical disability and you’re studying at Radboud University? Do you struggle with dyslexia, AD(H)D, a (chronic)illness or long-term psychological complaints yourself? Or would you like to know how other students cope with that? This new podcast is for you!

In the Dutch-spoken podcast “Het Leven uit een Dag”, several Radboud University students take you on a day in their life with a mental or physical disability. To better understand their head or body, they ask questions to scientists and experts. Questions like "Why do I have the concentration of a dishcloth?", "How do you express how you feel in times of language inflation?" and "Where do panic triggers come from?" are part of the conversation, but also, "What kind of support is possible from the university?" and "Can more space be made in the bike shed for my tricycle?”. In the podcast, you will also learn about the science behind these challenges and learn where you can go for support within Radboud University when you have, for example, AD(H)D, a physical disability or panic attacks. 

The first episode is out now and deals with studying with ADHD.

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More information? Contact Team Student Wellbeing via: studentenwelzijn [at] ru.nl (studentenwelzijn[at]ru[dot]nl).