Wandelen op de campus
Wandelen op de campus

Open walk-in hours at Ixta Noa

Ixta Noa is an organisation for and by people with experiences of mental vulnerability. It is a safe place where you can be yourself. Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee or tea, a sympathetic ear or just to be there. The open walk-in hours are for (international) students struggling with their mental health.

About the organisation

Ixta Noa works with experts from experience for people with a mental vulnerability and for their environment. Ixta Noa believes in making a difference in our lives when we inspire each other by sharing our experiences. In the 'Praktijkhuis' people can be who they are. Ixta Noa works in collaboration with Student Support.  

Open walk-in

At the open walk-in there is room to be yourself. You can share your story and find recognition from other participants. You are free to decide what to share and what not. There are two experts by experience present who are open to your questions about mental vulnerability and related topics.

Sometimes we organize an activity. This can be, for example, a theme discussion or a creative activity. The activities are low-key and you can decide for yourself whether to participate.


To participate, you do not need a referral. And there are no costs involved. You are free to walk in during opening hours. You can also register yourself. This can be done via nijmegen [at] ixtanoa.nl.

The English walk-in hours are Thursday evening from 19.00-21.00. They take place every other week, on the even weeks. Feel free to walk in at the Bijleveldsingel 78 in Nijmegen.

Contact information

024 679 37 82
nijmegen [at] ixtanoa.nl