Radboud Photocompetition

This is Nijmegen to me!

Radboud University runs a PHOTO COMPETITION every semester for all international students who are about to leave. Prizes are awarded for the top three photos!


You will undoubtedly take many memorable photos during your adventures here in Nijmegen - we want to see your best ones! The theme of the competition is “This is Nijmegen to me”. Within this theme, send your favourite photo(s) - a maximum of 3 - with a comment for each one explaining why you chose that photo and why it’s special to you to radboudinternationalstudents [at] (radboudinternationalstudents[at]ru[dot]nl.)

All winners will be announced during a Farewell meeting at the end of the semester, where all photos will be displayed. Following the reception, photos may be placed on Radboud University’s web pages and may be used for promotional purposes; submitting a photo indicates that the student agrees to this.

The next Farewell Meeting will be held in December. The deadline for submitting photos is 10 July.

Competition guidelines:

  • You have been an international (exchange, (Pre) Master's or PhD student) at Radboud University during the past semester and will be departing at the end of this semester.
  • Include a comment with each photo you submit that explains why you chose this photo and why it is special to you.
  • Your photo(s) must have been taken in Nijmegen.
  • Submit no more than 3 photos.
  • Submit photos that have an original size of at least 1 MB.
  • Email photos to: radboudinternationalstudents [at] (radboudinternationalstudents[at]ru[dot]nl)

All winners will be selected by Radboud International Students. Photos will be judged based on originality, technical quality and comments. Winners will be announced during the next Farewell Reception. Whoever submits one of the top 3 photos will receive a great prize!  

Have fun and good luck!

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