Twee medewerkers overleggen met hun laptop en papier
Twee medewerkers overleggen met hun laptop en papier

Save the date: November is all about your career

November is dedicated to your career with not one but two career events on the schedule. On Thursday, November 9th, you'll discover at the Radboud Career Café how you can contribute to a more sustainable world in your (future) job. Two weeks later, on Thursday, November 23rd, during the Career Day, you'll learn everything about the things you'll encounter in your quest for your first job.

Which event will you attend?

Radboud Career Café 

Thursday, November 9

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable world but aren't sure how? With a sustainable career, you can make a significant impact. At the Radboud Career Café, experts and professionals in the field will share insights into various sustainable career opportunities and the steps you can during your studies to move in that direction. Sign up now!

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Career Day 

Thursday, November 23

Is your graduation getting closer? We can imagine that this can make you quite nervous. How should you prepare for what's comming? What do you need to know? And how do you find a job? If these type of questions sound familiar, the Career Day is perfect for you. This day is all about today's job market and how to find job that fits. You'll learn everything about important topics such as ChatGPT, office etiquette, and Gen-Z stereotypes.  Sign up now!

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