The STIP web pages and study guides are moving. What will students notice?

In order to study successfully, students need a lot of information. Information that is currently mainly accessible via the Sudent Portal, or can be found on your faculty's STIP pages and in your Study Guide. However, these web pages still live in our old website environment. To future-proof this info, it is going to move. Read here what and when things are going to change and what you can do to be well prepared.

What will change?

The biggest change is that Information for Students will be centralised. In practice, this means that from summer 2024 there will no longer be faculty STIP pages, but that all general student information can be found on The student portal will also disappear. You can read more about that in this news item. This info will also move to

All information which is unique to your programme (year/level) can still be found in the study guide. The study guide information moves to Osiris. All these changes will improve the accessibility and findability of student information.

This job will take some time

Centralising and transferring all this information is a big job. The preliminary work is already in full swing. Transferring the information will be done in phases, spread over June and July. We will do our utmost to have everything moved by August. In the meantime, all information will remain available, or you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate new web page. The student portal will go offline from 1 September.

What if I can no longer find info?

You may not be able to find certain info after this change, because it has been moved. In that case, we advise you to use the website's internal search function. You can also always drop by your faculty STIP desk with your question. Really can't find the information you need? Then email communicatie [at]

What can I do to be prepared for this change?

We advise you to get used to the student environment on to avoid surprises. For example, browse through the overview page with all main topics for students, and the page about studying. You can also do some other things in advance:

  •  Save links to tools you often use as bookmarks in your browser. E.g. your Personal Grid, Osiris and Brightspace.
  • Download the most important student apps on your mobile
  • Bookmark any web pages on that you think you might need later.