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USC column March

The first rays of sunshine have now appeared at the dawn of March. Very nice if you ask us, because after all those grey, dreary days of February, we can sometimes use some bright spots too.

In a constantly busy period, it can be difficult to see the concrete steps you are taking as it feels like the train is always moving forward. Therefore, it was time to revisit the focal points we set at the beginning of our term, which thus outlines our goals and work. We will take a look at the state of affairs of a few of them.

Welfare and inclusion

In the area of welfare and inclusion, nice steps have been made recently in terms of our focal points. The visibility of support schemes has become a lot clearer on the Radboud University website in the form of a step-by-step plan so that students can find the right help faster when needed. We also wanted additional student psychologists to join. At the end of the year, there will be a reflection on the current arrangements and we will again insist on facilitating more student psychologists. 

Creating a student life for all is also an important issue within our USC year. Recently, some of us have been working on the regulation around flexible studying, which as far as we are concerned has been insufficient in recent years. It is currently still an ongoing project, but the university is creating a solid basis around flexible studying. We still believe that more people should be able to make use of the scheme and that, for example, weblectures should be offered at every faculty. 

Improvement of student participation 

Another focus point this year is the position of employee participation at our university. The discussion on the HRA (Higher Education and Scientific Research Act) is still ongoing at our university. The rights and duties of co-determination at every level within the university should be re-evaluated in the light of the Higher Education and Research Act to improve the position and influence of students. The Week of the Active Student is also coming up, during which various activities related to co-determination will be held. Be sure to check out the programme on the website for all activities and join us for a free sandwich at lunchtime on 11 March!

Besides our focal points, we are busy with some more informal activities. On Tuesday 14 May, we will organise a co-determination gala for students in all co-determination layers. Are you a member of an OLC an FSC or are you an assessor? Then you are cordially invited to the gala that will take place at the Hemel. The official invitation will land in your mailboxes soon!

If you would like to know more about the USC and what we all do, or if you have ideas/comments about bigger themes within the university that are relevant to your student group: follow us on Instagram or send an email to USR [at]!

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