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USC column May

The upcoming month will mainly revolve around the student elections, which will also mark the beginning of the end of our board. From 22 to 29 May, students will have the opportunity to cast their vote in the (virtual) ballot box and elect our potential successors. In this column, we would like to tell you why it is so important to cast your vote during that week!

The university is never finished! 

It may seem as if our university is an oasis of progressiveness and is always improving itself. However, the university is never finished, and there are plenty of topics where there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially when it comes to student affairs.

Moreover, this is the opportunity to express what topics you find important and what the university should work on. Perhaps you've had to wait for weeks for a meeting with your study advisor or a student psychologist? Or do you feel like the campus could be much greener than it currently is? Or do you want to engage in extra activities alongside your studies but feel like you're not being supported at all? Every year, the student council tries to put concrete points on the agenda that can bring about sincere and necessary changes. People elected to the council through voting can truly make a difference.

Take matters into your own hands

There is still much to achieve when it comes to the turnout percentage during the elections for student participation. Participation is simply not given the priority it should be given by the university, and that reflects on the visibility and the number of students who actually vote. The more students cast their votes, the more mandate we have as a student council and the more seriously the university takes us as a participation council.

So let's take matters into our own hands again as students and go to the digital ballot box en masse. Moreover, you can not only vote for the central student council, but there will also be elections at the faculty level and at the level of your own program, namely the OLC. They, too, work very hard to improve faculty policies or the content of your study programme.

You may be wondering: how can I vote then? In the week of 22 May, you will receive an email at your student email address with a link to a digital voting form. Through this form, you can cast your vote for various students who will work hard for a better university, faculty, and study programme!

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