Groepsfoto van de USR 2022-2023
Groepsfoto van de USR 2022-2023

USR Column June

'I feel involved in my own education. After six years in the council, I pause and think about why I find student participation so important.

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I have never been someone who goes with the flow and accepts things because that is 'just the way they are'. Around me, I have seen many different students enter the participation process. From students with a mission to change something to diligent students who really want to see all sides of their studies, as well as students who would like to do something meaningful or know a little more about the university. Participation is for everyone and every student has their role in it.

Having previously been a year representative, education administrator and programme committee member, this year I was allowed to join the university student council (USC). The most central part of the council, where we deal with university-wide issues. Because you can and may give input on everything, the tasks in the USC vary a lot. Talking to students about what they encounter and fulfilling your own tasks, that's what makes the council interesting for me. Ultimately, we want every student to have a nice and as livable student life as possible, and I am happy if I have been able to contribute to that.

Are you curious about what we are all focusing on this year? Then be sure to read through the focus document.

Being involved in your studies and advocating for better education or a better university does not necessarily have to be in a programme committee, university council or faculty student council (FSC) for a year. You can be a critical student anywhere and anytime. For example, you can also fill in your course evaluation, send an email to a coordinator if something in your course didn't go well, or have a chat with your lecturer after the lecture about what you learned and what motivated you - because positive feedback is also very important.

Whether you give feedback in a course evaluation, join the programme committee meeting every month, get involved in the FSC or join a weekly meeting with the USC. Together, let's make sure that every student has the best possible study time, because without feedback, there can be no improvement either. I feel responsible for the quality of my own education, and you?'

- Isa Witteveen - USC student member and student of medical sciences and educational sciences


Every month, a member of the University Student Council (USC) writes a column to inform students about current developments around student participation within Radboud University. Do you have questions or input? Contact the USR at usr [at] (usr[at]ru[dot]nl) or @radboud_usc on Instagram.

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