Groepsfoto van de USR 2022-2023
Groepsfoto van de USR 2022-2023

USR Column May

'With the summer on the horizon, we are well into the second part of our USC year. This means that a lot of our projects are currently coming to fruition or nearing completion. One of the focus points that we published at the beginning of the year was social safety, and this month we would like to highlight how the USC is actively adding to social safety at the university.

Two people in front of Maria Montessori building

In light of recent events and in an effort to improve student wellbeing, the USC, student affairs, members of different student organizations, members of the RU staff and the Time Out foundation have come together to collaborate on an interactive theater show regarding social safety. The aim of the presentation was to enable students and employees to come together in conversation about the gray areas that can arise when talking about social safety. By giving students the platform to engage in healthy discussions about what boundaries mean for each person, we hoped to create an environment in which everyone felt safe to express themselves, learn and even share their stories.  

In this theater show the emphasis was on tackling issues experienced by Dutch students.  Oftentimes, the experiences that Dutch and international students go through are completely different and this is something we also wanted to make room for. This is why there was a separate workshop for international students and/or students that would prefer to engage in the discussion in English as well. This workshop was given by the foundation Sexmatters, here several topics were discussed, such as verbal and non-verbal communication, mutual trust and boundaries. 

Through education and open communication, together we can all work towards a university and campus where a secure environment is the norm. There will be follow-up activities about social safety, so follow us on our socials and we will keep you updated!’ 

- Pheadra Regales, political science student and political commissioner ISON

- Nienke Verver, student Master Pedagogical Sciences and AKKUraatd member


Every month, a member of the University Student Council (USC) writes a column to inform students about current developments around student participation within Radboud University. Do you have questions or input? Contact the USR at usr [at] (usr[at]ru[dot]nl) or @radboud_usc on Instagram.

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