Studentbestuurders rond een kraampje op de introductiemarkt
Studentbestuurders rond een kraampje op de introductiemarkt

'Week of the Active Student': get active beside your studies

Are you curious to know what it is like to be on a student board or part of a participational body? What does it have to offer you, what can you learn, and how much time and money do you have to spend on it? Could this be interesting for you, too? During the first Week of the Active Student from 27 - 30 March 2023, you will learn more about all this.


During the Week of the Active Student, activities will take place for students who want to know if becoming a member of a board or a participational body is something for them. For example, you can visit a Q&A with student board members (28 March) or a Q&A with members of participational bodies (29 March). Listen to experiences of current active students, and ask them and the university all your questions.

Studenten van De Loefbijter in gesprek tijdens het Introfestival

Day in the life of an active student

During this week, various student organisations and participational bodies will introduce themselves online, too. Follow them around and experience a day in the life of an active student. Keep an eye on @radboud_uni's Instagram and TikTok and your own faculty's channels for this.

Active student

An active student is a student who, alongside their studies, is a (board) member of a student organisation, or a student who is a member of a Radboud University participational body. Being an active student is a broad term, and there are many possibilities. For example, there are students who do a full-time board year or students who work as a board member a few hours a month beside their studies. You can also be active at programme level, as well as at faculty or university level. And there are student organisations for all kinds of interests. Watch the following videos to find out more.

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Find out more about (active) student life here:

Contact information

Questions about the Week of the Active Student? Email the Student Life and International Mobility team at slim [at]